Our Staff

Jeannie Origbo


Jeannie Origbo is the Director for the Montana Education Talent Search grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing and Literature and a master's degree in Higher Education. Jeannie has worked in education since 2005 with experience at both the secondary and post-secondary level. She worked as a teacher for Hays-Lodge Pole School district for six years before beginning work with the Montana University System. She is committed to providing educational opportunities for all students.

Sarah Teague

Administrative Assistant (Temp)

Maria Lillrose

Re-Entry Manager

Maria Lillrose is the Re-Entry Manager for the Montana Educational Talent Search program, seeking to assist students returning to school at the post-secondary level. Maria has a BA in education and a TEFL certificate. She has over 10 years teaching experience in a variety of settings, including the Peace Corps and the IEFA program within the Helena School District. Maria is passionate about helping students to discover and achieve their potenial in all areas of life.

Joseph Jessepe

Blackfeet Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Joe Jessepe (Blackfeet and Prairie Band Pottawatomi) is the Pre-College Advisor for Blackfeet target area, serving Browning High School. Joe assists students in completing FAFSA's, College, and Scholarship applications, some of his former students have been awarded the Gates Millenium and Horatio Alger scholarships. Several students from the Blackfeet target area are now attending Dartmouth and Stanford Universities.

Kristen Kipp

Blackfeet Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Kristen Kipp (Blackfeet) is the Pre-College Advisor for Blackfeet target area, serving Browning Middle Schools and Heart Butte High and Middle Schools. She has her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Montana, and is a mother to two children. Kristen is passionate about working with youth and committed to helping students succeed in all areas of life.

Shonna Dillon

Crow Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Shonna Dillon is the Pre-College Advisor for the Crow Target Area, serving the school districts of Hardin and Lodge Grass. She is a Crow Tribal member with Ogalala Sioux and Irish heritage. She is a mother and grandmother to many beautiful children. After obtaining her A.A.S at Little Big Horn College in 2002 she went on to receive her B.S in Science from Rocky Mountain College in 2005. She has experience in many areas as she worked as a Teacher and Advisor for Little Big Horn College as a faculty member, at TRIO Student Support Services for Chief Dull Knife College as Director, and most recently at the Crow Tribal Headstart program as the Disabilities/Mental Health Coordinator. She believes in supporting the youth in her community to help expand their experiences and help make their educational dreams become a reality.

Jaci Webb

Flathead Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Jaci is a Pre-College Advisor for the Flathead Target Area, serving Polson Middle and High School and St. Ignatius Middle and High School. Jaci has a degree in English and Art from Montana State University-Billings. She spent 20 years teaching English, journalism, and writing at Billings Senior High, Montanta Sate University-Billings, and Rocky Mountain College. Jaci also spent three decades as a journalist. She is excited to be working with students in the Mission Valley, helping them discover what can make them happy and successful in school, life, and career.

Carla Guarisco

Flathead Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Carla is a Pre-College Advisor for the Flathead Target Area, serving Ronan Middle and High School and Two Eagle Rivers School. Upon completing her B.A. in Communication Disorders at Louisiana State University, Carla’s career serving children and their families started with the Louisiana CASA Association, followed by the New Orleans Teen Court Program, then onto California at UCSB as a home visitor to families with special needs infants. She believes that a critical key to resiliency is mentorship and is honored to immerse herself in the Flathead communities through METS by supporting students’ post-secondary preparation and career goals.

Kim Wombolt

Great Falls Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Kim Wombolt is a Pre-College Advisor for the Great Falls Target Area, serving East Middle School, Great Falls High School, and Paris Gibson Education Center.. Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University in Education and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Montana College. Kim has almost 20 years experience supporting youth and families with non-profit organizations across Montana. Kim is a wife and mother of two and believes that Education is the great equalizer of opportunity.

Megan Buckridge

Great Falls Target Area Pre-College Advisor

Megan Buckridge is a Pre-College Advisor for the Great Falls Target Area, seerving North Middle School, CMR High School, and Paris Gibson Education Center. She graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences. She also holds a secondary teaching license with endorsements in mathematics and business education. Megan believes education is empowering and one of the best opportunities for individuals to invest in themselves and their future. She has lived in Montana her entire life and is passionate about helping Montana youth develop a plan, including higher education, for after high school graduation. Megan lives in Great Falls with her husband and three children.

Talent Search is one of the TRiO programs (Talent Search, Upward Bound, Student Support Services) created by Congress in 1965 to provide equal opportunity for higher education to all Americans.