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Montana Educational Talent Search has a College Access Manager dedicated to helping students in the Blackfeet area, Crow area, Flathead area, and Great Falls area who are making the decisions to either go back to high school or college/university. We are here to help with the Hi-Set, post-secondary applications, career exploration, FAFSA, Tribal Higher Education applications, and much more. If you are considering going back to high school, or if you have your diploma or Hi-Set and want to go to college but don’t know where to start, then please contact:

OCHE College Access Team
(406) 449-9138



Did you know? College graduates earn roughtly $25,000 more per year compared to high school graduates?

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MSU Become an Alum

MSU Bozeman 

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Jacqueline Hagerman

ph: 406.994.7627

UM Become an Alum

University of Montana 

Become an Alum

Carol Z. Evanger, University of Montana,
406.243.2964 or

Tyson Kuntz, Missoula College
406.243.7889 or

MSU Billings Become an Alum program

MSU Billings 

Become an Alum


Ask about the Become an Alum program

Dawsome community college Become an Alum

Dawson Community College

Become an Alum

Karen Ohlin

406.377.3314 ext 202

Miles CC Become an Alum

Miles Community College

Become an Alum

Lori Penrod


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