On average, students with a high school diploma, earn about one million dollars less over a lifetime than college graduates. Those without even a high school diploma make less over their lifetime. - Office of Public Instruction Dropout Report May 2011

The good news is that with financial aid, grants, and scholarships, college can be affordable for everyone, with many students earning a degree with little to no debt. An associate’s degree significantly increases potential wage earnings and it only continues to increase with advanced degrees. Montana is seeing an increase need for degrees in health occupations (nursing, dental assistants, etc.) and manufacturing and technology occupations (welding, mechanics, etc.).


Re-entry resources

Montana Educational Talent Search has a College Access Manager dedicated to helping students in the Blackfeet area, Crow area, Flathead area, Great Falls area, and Northern Cheyenne area who are making the decisions to either go back to high school or college/university. We are here to help with the Hi-Set, post-secondary applications, career exploration, FAFSA, Tribal Higher Education applications, and much more. If you are considering going back to high school, or if you have your diploma or Hi-Set and want to go to college but don’t know where to start, then please contact:

Angela Dewolf King
(406) 449-9142

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Scholarship Opportunities for Students!

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